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About The Mews

The Mews Shoppes consists of unique local owned shops and small business services, working hard to offer great products and services for their customers. Its a place like no other in the city of Pembroke.


With its unique mix of boutique style merchants and meeting places at street level, the Mews Shoppes offers added amenities for those living and working downtown.

Leasing Opportunities

Located in the heart of Ottawa Valley, the Mews Shoppes is a complex like no other. If you are looking to lease space in a complex that is rich in tradition, bustling with thriving businesses and complete with amenities and conveniences, contact us about our leasing opportunities.

Apartment Rental

Our completely renovated 1,2 and 3 bedroom loft style apartments, with all new interiors, high ceilings and open space concepts are taking downtown Pembroke living to the next level with a bold new style and an eclectic mix of old and new.
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